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Tigist Bacha

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Associate professor of pediatrics, Pediatric Emergence medicine and intensive Care specialist, Public health specialist

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Dr.Tigist Bacha is an Associate Professor at Addis Ababa University (AAU)


Dr. Tigist Bacha is an Associate Professor at Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia. She received her first degree in medicine in Gonder University and pediatric residency at Addis Ababa Univirsty. She attended a certificate program “child survival reaching the t​argetin Sweden. Then she did Pediatric Emergency and Critical care fellowship with the colla​boration of AAU and with University of Wisconsin (UW). During the time of her fellowship she received also Masters of Public health degree from the University of Gonder with joint Program from Addis continental institute of public health. Through Medical education program at AAU she also got a chance to take a research-re​lated course at John Hopkins University, USA. In July 2020 she completed a pediatric cardiac intensive care fellowship from the Hebrew university ,Israel and simultaneously she has completed a Pediatric ethics course from the children Kansas ,USA .

Dr. Tigist is very dedicated to improving pediatric acute care as the only two physicians in her country, aside from working at her own hospital, head of the division of pediatric emergency and critical care in AAU; Dr. Tigist also has been involved with national and international efforts to educate healthcare providers in order to improve the emergent care of children throughout Africa. Together with the ministry of health and WHO she developed many pre- hospital and hospital guideline and training manuals and conducted several training's. she is honorary faculty of University of Wisconsin. In Ethiopia, she is an executive council member of Society of Ethiopian Emergency Medicine Professionals, Ethiopian Pediatrics Society , Ethiopian public health specialist, African Federation of Emergency medicine and world pediatric intensive care society . She has been involved in collaborative research and QI projects.

One of her QI projects created the first-ever procedural sedation clinic in Ethiopia. Her previous research and teaching endeavors have been recognized .She has received the best researcher award of 2013 from AAU, as well as, national research award of young researcher Todels Gold Award in 2014. She also received 8 times best teacher award by graduating medical students. She is also nominated a regional adviser board of young research network for Africa. She is currently doing an ongoing project to improve simulation education for physicians and nurses using tablet-based technology with Emory University in order to be used by Ethiopia as well as for African Federation of Emergency medicine at large.